Our final wedding destination is gorgeous Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

Once you arrive in the capital of San Jose, you'll need to board the Naviera Tambor Ferry, going from Puntarenas to Paquera. The Ferry is about 2 hours from the airport. You can either rent a car, take a bus or taxi. The Ferry has specific times it leaves each day so you'll want to account for that while booking your tickets and allow extra travel time upon arrival and departure. You can find the ferry hours and info online at http://nicoyapeninsula.com/general/boat.php and below:

Arrival: Departure:
Puntarenas-Paquera Paquera-Puntarenas
5 am 5:30 am
9 am 9 am
11 am 11 am
2 pm 2 pm
5 pm 5 pm
8:30 pm 8 pm

Ferry is about $2/per person & $25/per car.

Once you arrive in Paquera you will either drive, taxi or bus it the remainder of the way to Santa Teresa, which is about 90 minutes.

There's also a small plane that flies from SJO to the Tambor airstrip, which arrives only 40 minutes from the house. The two airlines that provide this from San Jose are Nature Air and Sansa. These flights are small and fill up fast. You can either arrange a taxi waiting to pick you up or have the rental car company take you to their offices.

The house we've reserved in Santa Teresa is called Casa Capitan! This will be available for guests to stay at from Wednesday Feb 6th-Sunday Feb 11th. If you are arriving before and staying after these dates, you'll need to make other accommodations for the time gap. There are tons of beautiful hotels and villas in the area so check them out online!

Also~ Don't forget your Passports!!

We understand that this is a bit of a journey, but so are the greatest things in life!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the travel info!
Lauren Chism